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There are not just jewels of wisdom offered here at the Hidden Monastery, we also offer pieces of art, handcrafted by Cynthia herself. Come, check out the mysteries of the Art Studio!


“Tattoed Baby: When my kid begged for her first tattoo I anxiously mused, “Why go to such expense, pain, and trouble to design and indelibly inscribe an image or word on your tush?“ She was adamant about her right to confer marks of initiation on her skin, a rite denied by her elders.  I started finding baby dolls at thrift stores. As a sharpie pen fan, I’d touch their “skin” and think, “Oooo that would be fun to “tattoo.” The first mark felt sacrilegious, something that only God, love, or life should allow. Would this ruin the baby? How could it?”

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