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High Play Rituals

zdancing figure      The hustle and bustle of the holidays can be fun and exciting but can also be overwhelming! It is important for us to remember to uplift and take care of our souls while we search for the perfect gift or spend hours in the kitchen cooking the holiday fests! In the article High Play Rituals, Cynthia teaches us a few fun and introspective rituals to help take care of our souls, give thanks and to breathe during stressful times or just when in need of a spiritual boost!

” Tree of Life Candlelit Spiral: to Honor Ancestors & Seasons
The Tree of Life is a symbol of life and generational connection. The human body mirrors its roots, limbs, trunk and leaves. With music, drumming, movement and candle light participants use branches to create a spiral, and brin, ancestral objects, write names on leaves and move them to the heart of the Tree.”


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