Just as a star in the night sky you radiate light effortlessly with no intention of where this light should go. A star does not decide where it will send its light. It simply shines. -Sandra ingerman

canstock9148511How do we shine? We are connected to a motherboard: our body and the earth body.

Even when our light flickers, dims, seems to go out, the light still is. I don’t understand how any of this works, but, I have observed it. Trusting my observations I trust the Mystery of the Universe.

Over time I have wildly tried to be light, somehow confusing effort with energy. I forgot that my very name Cynthia means daughter or goddess of the moon, one that does not generate light, but reflects light. This is my fame, to reflect light from something greater than me.

YET!!!! We are all part of a magnificent Motherboard. Even  in the dark, we are part of it.

What would it mean to feel into this? To trust this? To let light be light in us? I am experimenting. Trust the light. Trust the motherboard.




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