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interplay head logo              Along with Mystic Tech and The Hidden Monastery, Cynthia is proud to have cofounded InterPlay with Phil Porter.  InterPlay is an active creative approach to unlocking the wisdom of the body and is applied by individuals and groups around the world. Founded in 1989, it is comprised of twenty-six creative forms and ideas. Interplay cultivates five means of soulful wisdom: movement, voice, story, stillness and connection which help to playfully reintegrate body, mind, heart and spirit. To find out more about Interplay or how to become a part of it check out our article Interplay.


” Interplay’s 8 Body Wisdom Tools:

  1. Easy Focus: Wheeeee
  2. Body Data, Body Knowledge ,Body Wisdom: Notice, Notice, Notice.
  3. Inner Authority: Believing What You Notice.
  4. The Physicality of Grace: Noticing the Good and Have More of It
  5. Exformation: Getting Rid of the Icky Stuff
  6. Body Wisdom Practices: Practicing More of What You Want
  7. Incrementality: We Get Into Trouble Into and Out Of Trouble In Tiny Steps
  8. Affirmation, Affirmation, Affirmation.

With this foundation diverse people at all levels of ability discover how to

  • dance, sing, act and speak on behalf of others
  • take care of themselves as bodyspirits
  • welcome one another with open hearts and minds
  • attune to “higher” wisdom
  • cultivate gifts
  • make growth and healing fun
  • affirm each other to be exactly where we need to be”

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