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Four Movement Patterns to bring into the New Year

FEBI Movement Pattern

The Four Movement Patterns


Thruster, shaper, hanger, swinger. Which one are you? As the New Year starts, discover which movement patterns describe you! As a certified FEBI coach, Cynthia helps you access the online FEBI for $75.00. It’s a twenty-minute online instrument. When complete, she will retrieve your results and email them to you. Cynthia offers a coaching session to read the results, reflect and learn how to strengthen weak areas and celebrate strengths. One hour consults are 85.00. Less for Mystic Tech members.


“Many InterPlayers feel greatly helped by ways that the movement patterns offer new ways to move and understand the movement of those around us. When I first discovered them, I was immediately attracted to how it put my energy challenges in perspective and offered new ways to claim my wisdom and embody more ease…

With these tools you can learn ways to

  • Increase energy
  • relax judgment about behaviors
  • find your own peace and balance
  •  enjoy family, friends, and coworkers more
  •  improve overall wellbeing
  •  uncover hidden strengths
  •  deepen relationship with the Divine”

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