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What is soul coaching?

I sense a lot of wild, tough stuff going around. Do you?

When it comes to really wild, tough stuff I am indebted to my spiritual directors who make the crucial difference in my life.

I believe that soul coaching is key for those in leadership or over the age of 50 and probably key to our evolution as a species, for don’t we need our collective highest, most innate wisdom now?IMG_6316

Soul is brilliant. Soul carries genius, is transcendent, and also loves body. Soul is not mere individuality. Soul engages in life’s great, mysterious, intelligent weave. By design, therefore, “I am” a mystery, even to me. That is why soul friends are needed to help me see me.

If we want soul force and wisdom to grow in the world we need to tune in at this level. This requires intimate knowledge of matter, embodiment, suffering and the ability to navigate whatever life throws at us with wisdom, playfulness, and curiosity.

How do you deal with the spirit world, the art of your faith, understanding wisdom teachings or strange encounters with dark and light soul forces? How do you engage an ordinary life that is infused with Divine Magic? How do you ensoul your life without losing sight of the fact that you are funny, troubled, awesome and odd?

What is soul coaching?

A spiritual director or coach is one who witnesses, encourages, prays for me, and occasionally orients me to new soul terrains. Spiritual directors focus on the presence of the divine, on grace, and our goodness. Because spiritual coaches have feet and heart firmly planted in Mystery through prayer, contemplation, nature, ritual and art, they honor and embrace what is weird, known and yet never quite revealed. The soul coach is fearless about using their tools: blessing, prayer, inner seeing, art, meditation, chant, touch. Check out Spiritual Directors International for a lot more on this. Click Here

In my online coaching I offer the choice to start with movement, a brief version of the InterPlay warm up, silence and breathing, or singing. Because we can see each other online it feels surprisingly intimate as we bless our own space and the space between us using music, in connection to the Divine! Then I listen with each person to what is rising. I share the earth dance just as you do with all the same challenges of survival, making a living, and suffering. Together we explore how we do this AS the path. My commitment to my own spiritual path, my practices, and my relationship to the Heart of All is available. I share some of this in written form in monthly SIMS; Spiritual Instruction Modules. To see some click here. Then like John Fox, author of Poetry as Medicine, says in this poem, “Finding What You Didn’t Lose,”

When someone deeply listens to you
it is like holding out a dented cup
you’ve had since childhood
and watching it fill up with
cold, fresh water.
When it balances on top of the brim,
you are understood.
When it overflows and touches your skin,
you are loved.
When someone deeply listens to you,
the room where you stay
starts a new life
and the place where you wrote
your first poem
begins to glow in your mind’s eye.
It is as if gold has been discovered!
When someone deeply listens to you,
your bare feet are on the earth
and a beloved land that seemed distant
is now at home within you.

Early on I sought spiritual direction and found Flora Wuellner, an author and teacher who directed me to important truths of my spiritual path. With her I claimed these teachings.Prayer is a matter of life and death for spiritual leaders. When I don’t pray and I see why this is true.God never forces a body.

  • Prayer is a matter of life and death for a spiritual leader. Don’t pray and I find out why this is so.
  • Nothing is required for love to occur or grow.
  • Healing is a response to wounds. Forgiving is a response to wrong doing. Ask, “is it a wound or is it a wrong-doing?” Proceed from there.
  • Our Body is God’s most dearly beloved.
  • The Divine joyfully takes our suffering.
  • I do not have to protect God.

Flora respects my call to minister to body and soul. She still prays for me even though I am receiving monthly support now from Connors McConville whose wisdom about body and soul, dance, meditation, therapy, grief, Ignatian, eastern guidance systems, and InterPlay equip him to help me steer by soul.

b666cfcf30afbe98716aa318e0dc67c9I’ve found comfort in spiritual communities,  but that isn’t where I got my tools or the reassurance to endure and understand my mystic initiations. Clergy can point the way, but rarely have time or the necessary gifts for this level of support My seminary offered scant guidance for the mystic path, perhaps because Mystery Schools don’t correspond to the forms of education in current academia. The best form appears to be individual counsel with one traveling a similar path.

  1. Do any of the following words resonate for you?  Artist, dancer, clergy, writer, entrepreneur, clown, devotee of body and soul, world traveler, teacher, InterPlayer, psychic, or sensitive soul.
  2. On the other hand: depressed, anxious, overwhelmed, deeply alone, wandering? Are you generally sensitive, inclined to be spirited or melancholy, ask a lot of questions, obsessed about things, creative, or wish you were?
  3. Have you had strange spiritual experiences that you are still struggling to incorporate?
  4. Are you clearly on your spiritual path, seeking community but never really finding any?
  5. Do you feel like you have something important to offer at this time in history but don’t know what it is because it doesn’t have a name?
  6. Do you know what it is but don’t know how to move forward?


Perhaps you need a soul coach. If you would like to check in about this consider a free 30 minute consultation with me to explore this path. Lets value the core of who you are. Email me at cynthia@interplay.org.

At Mystic Tech, this website, I offer a door to my teaching, spiritual companionship, and the dancing, hidden monastery of creative spirits who choose annual membership. Look around. You can get e-news updates by signing up at the top of this page.

If none of this makes sense…I assure you I understand. I am happy to be a tour guide or meet you on the phone or in person, maybe even on retreat. Check out my events for where I plan to be this year.

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