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Discover the MysticHeart Wheel

Art is the domain of imagination.7d813e34c64be26f8f190dbe9870b4e5

Our Image-Nation or the Imaginal Realm is the ap or human channel for communicating with mysteries beyond our basic physicality.

Mystics tend to be artists is one form or many, quality not being the biggest deal, because the arts penetrate the veil of Mystery in so many ways. Art is not a replacement nor an illustration of anything. It is a form of receiving direct revelation and an essential way of knowing life. In this way it become necessary, like continuing to speak a first language in order to remember who you are.

The MysticHeartWheel celebrates this reality. If you are signed up on the email list you are considered a potential exhibitor. Members of the Hidden Monastery, a secret space on Facebook, pay an annual membership and are in the most frequent contact about each new exhibit and what we are praying and playing with. Many of us meet up at retreats and InterPlay events.

Click here to enjoy Jan 2014’s “The Star and the Altar” with

Mairi Campbell, Edinburgh, Cynthia Winton-Henry-iphoto sketch, Hans York quote and photograph, Christine Gautreaux poem “Fall”, Harriet Platts, tree photo and poem, Jocelyn Head poem “My architecture”, Ruth Showalter, Donna Mazolla, Ellen Solot: Image Altar, Suzanne Cimone, Voice of the UniverseAnd a special downloadable play by Marlys Tobias and Cynthia Winton-Henry “Grandmothers Dance the Creation of the Universe”

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