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Dance with Dying

One of the first members of the Hidden Monastery is approaching death. Peaceful and present in his dance with cancer he wrote Egg stories. The egg breaks into new life in the future. His name is Dyck,

He emailed me requesting that I dance to the Toccatta and Fugue in D Minor by Bach (The Boston Philharmonic.)  music he longed to embody but never felt able to do. It is an enormous cathedral type of work.

The piece needed a cathedral so I chose Nature. Soyinka suggested sunset at the beach. We arrived at the waters edge in the nick of time, opened my lap top and started videoing.

The sound quality doesn’t come through so I have placed alongside the video the live cello performance by Constandinos-Boudounis.  To get the best effect. I suggest that you

1) start the music, then immediately

2) start the youtube and then

3) enlarge the youtube to fill the screen (bottom right corner of the youtube)

As I danced I meditated on Dyck, Tom, Scott and all whose light moves beyond our sight.

Here is the audio: (starts 13 seconds in).

Here is the Youtube:



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