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My Pinterest Gallery

museum of the heart

Every now and then I go off on an image pilgrimage using this flying carpet called the Internet. Pinterest is my napsack, gallery, and secret wayside chapel of spirit. I find the magic P and off I go. I say the magic words and click on

P for Pictures Please

Voila! I find artists and wisdom teachers with  incredible imagination  on my jaunts. Love is strung across collaged boards. If I like one I add it to my board. If I like a lot of images in a place I “follow them.”

Every now and then I visit my own boards: Check out Holy Ones. Seeing images like Tree Carving by billyrayhorsefly, to the left, moves me.

I’ve even created a board for my own sharpie meditations. A couple of “strangers” are now following me. See sharpie Meditations…

At the May 15-18 Ensouled Retreat in San Rafael, Califonria I’ll provide materials to make small altoid box shrines. If you are coming and have special ephemera or an image that moves you, bring it.

To sign up for this amazing chance to deepen soul through movement, meditation, art, and rest. Pay for your lodging and make a donation to the teachers in the SHOP.

In the meantime I am off to get the Hidden Monastery news in the mail I’ll share a piece of art I am working on and play with Channel Soul! To ensoul is to cherish within the soul.  Yum.






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