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Mystery: Stuck between a rock and a hard place?

tree figureI love imagination.

In a spiritual direction session
I mention a challenge.
tell my guide,  ” I’m stuck
between a rock and a hard place.”
Before I go on he says,
“Let’s play with that.”

We enter meditation
to visit my stuck spot.
Asked to find quiet
I see myself atop
the curl of a wave
caught in static.
I heed the twist of imagery
so disobedient to the prompt.

My guide is important.
He grounds and holds the space.
Without him I’ll not likely
adventure as deep or willingly.
in this soul play.

I see  a book appear
out of the Earth.
It’s made of concrete
and rises up as a pillar.
Higher and Higher
I ride it to heaven.
The higher it goes
the more relaxed I am.


The rock and the hard place
are engineered to
bring me close to the divine
Yet there I am stuck….

My guide invites me to see
the horizontal community.
suggesting that both
vertically grounded knowing
and community benefit
and widen my location.

A new trust may be required.


I thought the pillar was my problem.
He blessed it.

I love imagination.



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