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3 practices when feeling uptight

In a conversation with Cathy Ann Beaty, who is a whiz at body wisdom three practices bubbled up in response to tensions and challenges we feel.

  • Ask, “Can I let go just a little more right now?”
  • Easy focus reminder: release other people’s tension from my body….not my business.
  • Place hands on a place of ease in my body, then on the place of disease.

Also touch in to the mystery of soul health and love abiding at the base of life….and as my friend Soyinka Rahim says, “We got this!”

Got any mini practices to add?


  1. Hannah Mitchell says:

    Opening your heart. Touch and then grasp hands in center of chest, take a deep breath, pull apart your hands like you are opening your shirt as you breathe out and feel your heart opening to give and receive love

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