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Want some free Joone Mooovement Inspiration?

What a wonderful week.

I sent out an impromptu Facebook post inviting people to join me in a month of email communications to moooove from soul.

If you’d like to join or know someone who needs to embrace and massage inertia let me know. I’ll send you the june soul moves covenant and then off we go.

Reflecting on the first week I am so impressed by how our soul wants to move. Personally every time I see movement I claim it as soul!

This week there was:

Mooving in the shower.

Mooving with kids













Mooving during jury duty!

Coke Nakamoto at Jury Duty

“anyone wanna learn a real easy way to give our brains some nice space before we go back in there? just follow me. and if you’re busy or don’t wanna, that’s fine too!”

day 1 – deep breath, sigh,
shake out hands, legs, sitting on, voice. mush face around, ears, scalp. check in with skin all over!

day 2 – added: letting face do what it wants, stretching up and down each and both sides, open, wrap, twist/swing.

day 3 – ditto!

Mooving with our beloved animals!













Mooving in the kitchen and singing!

A one dance song from Leah Mann https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRwjdJVyHkA

Most Friday Mornings after I do the warm up at InterPlayce I let it moooove into a meditation (10-20 minutes) where I tune in to body wisdom and really listen. (Sometimes I just lie there soaking up rest.)

I love this invitation creates by Connie Pwll inviting people to the class.

Come play, come play, come play with me,
On Friday morning at ten thir-ty.
(Oh, no that’s not a proper rhyme,
Rhyming “me” with the morning time —
emphasis on the wrong syLAble and all that….)
And besides it isn’t only me,
but Cynthia and all the rest — the “WE.”
Friday morning ten thirty to twelve,
(Now I’m in trouble — what rhymes with twelve — got it!)
into our bodymindhearts we will “dwelve”
(a new word meaning to delve into where we dwell…
Made it up myself!).
On the corner of telegraph and twenty-third,
we will sing just like a bird,
or a dancing herd
following, leading, laughing with glee
(aha!  Got It!)
so come play, come play, come play with Wheeeeee!…
Lead by Cynthia, of course!

Yesterday I made you this little foot dance prayer at InterPlayce! Paying attention to my feet moove definitely gets me off my spot!


(My feet got a little shy at the end….I’ve heard that the soul is shy.)

WHAT ARE YOUR FEET GOING TO DO TODAY?  I will probably dance while hiking.

You are moooovers and shakers.

Thank you for letting it all flow out of you!

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