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Prayer For Leaders in the Great Dance


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I meet with people all over who are inspired by something greater than humankind, something that I call the Dance of Life.While no tradition offers a solution that fits everybody, our religious genius’s point to a common path that surprisingly includes song, dance, and spontaneity.

Disciples of the dancing way know that attention to  body and soul is key. We notice.

We know that the challenges of embodiment are joyous, challenging, and worth it. Our practice requires intention,  clarity of vision.

In the hidden monastery of Mystic Tech we are tending our attention, intention, and courage to love as leaders in the dance.

We absolutely need communal support for spiritual intelligence. This is body wisdom.

Those who come up against ideas and patterns that DON’T WANT TO DANCE or realize that the forms that support the dance are too few and don’t provide us a livelihood, must learn to dance with this as well in order to live and lead.

To stabilize the human jitters of it all we need to be grounded in ritual practice, community, and prayer.

Perhaps that is why a prayer for leaders arose this week. With arms reaching above, below, and abroad I say it for you and for me.


Blessed are YOU
Unconditional Love
Dance of Life
Order of Joy and Peace
Inciter of All Encompassing Freedom
Guide of Ungraspable Wisdom
Ocean of Mystery and Consciousness

We Remember as partners in Creation

When we fear being alone You lead us to communion.
When we’re rejected You doubly bless us with courageous playmates.
Empty and naked You fill us with Awe, assuring us to rest in your Abundance.
When overcome by violence You guide and expedite our healing.
Thank you for needed time, company, and healing arts

We are Grateful, Igniter of the gifts and sensitivities to activate your fields of Hope

You Guide us to claim each circle of health in honor of you.
You Grant us the support to center in our strengths, our dancing medicine.
You Solidify the containers (roles and vocations) that welcome extraordinary enthusiasm.
You Direct us to embody  the way of ease as we dance with time, energy, and money.

We Rest in Your Promise, Bestower of Blessing, as artists of life tending all who desire your goodness

Uplift us as celebrants of body and soul
Surprise us each day as your playmates
Enthrall us as witnesses to your crazy wisdom
Enfold us in love, the most natural thing in the world.
Infuse us with a confidence than quells righteousness
a faithfulness that supplants urgency
and a creative spirit that undoes fear and jealousy

In simple desire to live in joy with you, the heartbeat of all we do, now and forever
I offer my prayer

And so it is.

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