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Psychic Flare-ups: When Sensitivity Gets Too Hot

No matter how in tune I am with God and the angels there are times that being gifted and sensitive gets the better of me. I joke that I need a thousand practices to keep my cool.  On the other hand “loosing it” is part of the dance of life.  The question is how to loose it?

Both in stress and  love there is a flashing emotional center at the back of my brain that gets fired up. I am passionate. That’s a good thing. But  a life that requires thousands of decisions each day makes my system fatigued, hungry, and lonely. Burn turns to burn-out.

Add the not so subtle affect of planets, moon, and seasons that increase sensitivity and oooo-eeee!  My nervous system heats up!

Have you felt the effects of Mercury doing the retrograde dance? It last until October 25th and is like Earth on a menstral cycle. Normal protectiveness falls away. We notice everything—-too much!

Its good to downsize during these times. For those trying to manifest flare-ups pass, thank goodness. Until then,

  • observe daily rituals and structures to relieve decision making.

  • choose simplicity in diet, home, and relationships.

  • lower expectations of self and others.

  • dance, sing, and make art to channel extra energy and catch fresh wisdom.

  • laugh.

  • forgive myself and others.

  • go outside and play

  • Prayerfully lean into mystery.

If you feel the need for a beautiful reboot….I’m leading the Body and Soul Retreat in Santa Fe: leading players in ritual, creative practicec and deep listening into the heart of desert grace.  Details are here.



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  1. Ahh yes. October and the moon. I feel it. Singing, playing in a tent with kids, watching caterpillars and sticking to the small work plans helps. Wish I could go to Santa Fe. Lots of things to do here in Bay Area.

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