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Divining Purpose: Why Play is Key

Our Purpose is as much in our being as in our doing. When these two join in rapt love and attention…that is play. If you want to get my SIM (Spiritual Instruction Module) on Divining Purpose and how to navigate by your deepest wisdom, leave me a note in the comment.

Play needs no purpose. That is why play can go on and on as long as players find it meaningful. After all, we do not dance in order to get somewhere. We dance around and around. A piece of music doesn’t come to an end when its purpose is accomplished. It has no purpose, strictly speaking. It is the playful unfolding of a meaning that is there in each of its movements, in every theme, every passage: a celebration of meaning.

Br. David Steindl-Rast
Source: Gratefulness the Heart of Prayer


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