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Mystic Mastery is supported by the Universe–woo wooooooo!

I love the playful planetary timekeeping of Li.  Her version of Mayan synchronicity and star gazing is awesome.

If you are sensitive to this read on!!!! News for your mystic mastery or is it mystery?
Greetings Keeper of Time,

This weekend we moved into Moon 4, the Moon of Form, and so in the coming weeks, what’s been emerging now begins to take tangible shape in our bodies, beings, and lives. Since we’re in the Human wave, the invitation is to come into human form in a new and more true way.

Major shift alert! Tomorrow, Thursday Oct 23rd, the Sun leads Venus and the Moon into Scorpio. All three moving into the deep together suggests an especially potent moment, in which we’re drawn into intimate engagement with ourselves and life through the interwoven layered experience of radiating, feeling and loving from our human depths with greater dedication and mastery.

This alignment also brings a visible partial Solar Eclipse, a profound reset of our energies in the deepest places in our beings. Notice the invitation from your depths, what you’re ready to live with more mastery and deep presence as the expression of your humaness.

The eclipse can be seen in the afternoon on the west coast, into the setting of the sun on the east coast, with a greater eclipse the further west and north you are in North America. Here’s a good website for eclipse info. Just type in your location and it will show what you can see and when. You’ll need to use eclipse glasses or the like for viewing as looking directly at the sun without protection is extremely hazardous for your eyes.

On Saturday the 25th, Mercury in Libra turns Direct, even now stationing, so there will likely be a sense of forward motion in the coming days, but it may take a couple of weeks until we emerge from the retrograde shadow in early Scorpio to more fully express this new sense of mystic mastery in our humaness.

Also, Venus and the Sun converge on Saturday. This is the deepest point of Venus’ visit to the underworld, still reverberating with eclipse energy. Something in who and how we love has died, walked naked into the underworld, and now courageously meets the knowing of our fate, then to begin the long journey toward re-emergence and re-birth.

And, at dusk on Satuday, in the west by the Crescent Moon, you might even catch a last glimpse of Saturn before this boundaried planet slips with the claws of the Scorpion into the underworld.

Hear so much more in my Moon 4 Podcast…

For you night owls or very early risers, tomorrow morning, you might catch more shooting stars than usual as we’re in the midst of the peak of the Orionids meteor shower at the dark of the moon, best well after midnight.

Happy Coming into Human Form,

Stargazer Li

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