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Dedicate 2015 to Peacemaking by Deepening Your Dance with the Divine

Peacemaking is a powerful undertaing. One of the best ways to sustain peace is to dance with the Divine. If you would like me as a guide consider one of three spaces I am offering

  • Fifth Monday Hidden Monastery Prayer Chapels: Open to Everyone: A Free Visual Live Online Contemplative Prayer Space
  • The 2015 Ruby Way Mystery School: A Live Practice, Play, and Wisdom Online Playgroup Most Mondays at 5pm pst. Email if you want to coordinate another time.
  • Mystic Tech Retreats: In Person Events where Mystics Gather to Learn, Pray, and Create Together

They say angels dance in heaven. I’ve personally witnessed no quicker to hope than when people dance their prayers. Yet it’s oddly difficult to dance alone. Does the Great Designer require that transcendence happen in the company of others? Perhaps we’d fly right off the planet if others weren’t there to call us back.

Which of these spaces works for you?

1) Fifth Monday Hidden Prayer Chapel 5pm pst Starting December 29th or any Fifth Monday
–a 40 minute movement meditation that includes dancing on behalf of needs and concerns of those gathered. Mark your calendars for March 30, June 29th, August 31, November 30.

2) The Ruby Way Mystery School:every Monday as you are able.
–Receive weekly blogs with practices from Dance: A Sacred Art, The Joy of Movement as Spiritual Practice, the book I wrote after years of teaching Dance as Spiritual Practice to Pacific School of Religion students in Berkeley, CA.
–this  weekly live year long lab  convenes each Monday at 5pm to share  and experience body wisdom beyond our words, practice with partners, and share noticings. Click here for the overview. We begin with Dancing the Dream of Peace. You get  connected to a Private Facebook Community and  the Hidden Monastery Private Facebook Page where mystics play and share in InterPlayful exchange. See the Ruby Way Page for cost and content.

3) Mystic Tech Retreats: where Mystics Gather to Learn, Pray, and Create Together: See the Event Listing Page for
Fridays 10:30-noon at InterPlayce
Jan 2 New Year Blessing of Intentions at InterPlayce.
Feb 27-28 Play with Kabbalah with Cassandra Sagan at InterPlayce
April 14-18 Spiritual Directors International Gathering in Louisville Kentucky
May 28 Cynthia’s 60th Celebration of Moonshine, Fire, Tree Leaves, & Dancing Prophecies.
Nov 11-15 Santa Fe Body and Soul Retreat

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