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Trouble dancing your prayers? Join others Mondays 5pm online

Dance The Sacred Art by Cynthia Winton-HenryMany of us have trouble dancing alone. I believe our bodies are designed this way. Solo practice is rare. That’s why Starting January 12th  Mondays at 5pm I’ll be leading practices from my book Dance: The Sacred Art, The Joy of Movement as a Spiritual Practice.

In my Body and Soul online coaching I have been dancing with companions. We each feel rewarded by this.  I am pretty sure you will too.  Even though there’s a screen, I’ll be live.  This is so much better than sending you a video.

After teaching the material that is in Dance: The Sacred Art for 20 years, (using InterPlay practices), and having received spiritual support from  the wisdom of the body and soul with moments of incredible Divine Counsel, I’ve been busy distilling, de-mythologizing  and designing key practices that foster clarity of vision, efficiency of energy and the big one,  Courage to Love.

There are 13 initiations at the heart of the dance of life.  Read them here. Do any sound familiar?

To learn more about my initiations read Chasing the Dance of Life: A Faith Journey. There are copies at InterPlay if you don’t find a cheap one on Amazon.

What is this  dancing all about? More than just being  embodied, many of us are on a path of Ensoulment.  It isn’t an ordinary process. Indeed it is quite hidden, and perhaps necessarily so. No one owns or controls it. There is no building or center that can contain it. Yet there is an architcture that arises– its in your own bodyspirit and spaces and forms created with other beings. The joy is in getting the ruby shoes that take us home to our fullest selves and being in like minded communities that see our ruby crown, our full dignity and humanity.

Truly this Way is world changing, playful, and easier when we dance with others. Its the Ruby WAY! Learn More about this exciting new offering. I am so happy I’ve fnally found a form and a way to offer this material in a uniquely affordable, low commitment mystery school with dancing, playful companions.

If you would like to journey for one month or year of Mondays starting January 12, I will open this practice for the first two weeks to come check it out.

Just email me at cynthia@interplay.org and I’ll send you the link and info you need to participate.

Ordinarily I will ask for 45/month for hosting this pioneering way that includes special writings and great community.  If you want to share this practice with others invite them to sign up for Hidden Monastery emails or as a Ruby Way Member for the live group.  The core practices will be posted on this blog each week, so anyone who wants to play in a group or on  your own can do that.

I encourage you to get a copy of Dance: the Sacred Art through InterPlay. This supports InterPlay directly.

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