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Are you ready for an upgrade in being human? Dance with others every week!

I am offering two free online introductions to check out a special course I am offering to dance, reflect, and learn with others

January 12 and 19th Monday at 5pm pst.

Email me at cynthia@interplay if you would like to participate in either one. I call this The Ruby Way!


south africa 1Thanks to developments in psychology, global cross pollination, and the internet I believe humanity can now tap the what was previously hidden, skills and keys that aren’t difficult, they’re just not often taught! The human mind is changing. We are beginning to see more all at once. This is the way of mysticism.

If you are in a process of healing and creating a unique life. If you seek strength through healthy relationships, want to be of real service, and know what heightened soul awareness feels like, then you are “awake.”

It may feel like your capacity for uncertainty is increasing in challenging ways. You may make choices that appear ridiculous to others. You  may have mystical experiences and aren’t sure how to live them. You may feel underused and strangely under valued, at times unsure if even you know who you are.

Or, you may feel like you are missing out on mystical experiences and want to change that!

If you’ve had any kind of a “higher” education you know how to think, evaluate, research, and override unhelpful instincts. But, its only the central intelligence agency of body and soul that can lead us the way to peace, joy, freedom, wisdom, kindness, justice, and most of all enduring LOVE.  Mind’s job is to help regulate the wisdom of the body, not overlord the soul.

Soul is shy and wild. But, engaging your soul power lets you fully dance in this world! This is an AMAZING GIFT! More freedom, wisdom, and joy are words that people use to describe a healthy soul.



Join online Each Monday at 5pm pacific time, starting January 12, 2015 in a time to dance, reflect, write, and connect with others.

This is an affordable way to get
community support, demystify the body wisdom skills, activate soul power, learn why you are here and how to interplay with life in the most fulfilling way.

What’s in the course?

Weekly practices arise from Dance: A Sacred Art, a SkyLight Paths book I wrote after teaching 20 years at a seminary in Berkeley. Within these practices I help you reflect on 13 initiations that a soul encounters in the world.  See the ensoulment initiations here.

The InterPlay practice was born for this. Come partake of a spiritual course rooted in the wisdom of the body!

How does it work?

This Live Online Course offers you

  • a “room” to meet, music, movement practices and coaching with a gotomeeting webinar link that costs you nothing and comes with an orientation just prior to your first meeting.

  • a weekly blog post of the practice

  • written instruction modules and videos in your inbox

  • Connection to a Facebook Community with others who play like you.

The cost is 49/month to attend a month of gatherings–just 12 dollars a class.

You can join at any time during the year. Just contact me at cynthia@interplay.org to let me know when you want to be involved

Payment options

  1. Paypal enrollment in the SHOP or link to Ruby Way Course here.
    Send checks to Cynthia Winton-Henry   339 Broadway #215 Alameda, CA 94501

To learn more about why I call this the ruby way course click here.

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