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Dancing Wholeness Practice: Two Minutes of Heaven, Therapy or Just Vacation

Dance The Sacred Art is a wonderful way to enjoy wholeness. When we open up and get bigger, or really listen to our need to enter deeply the innermost part of ourselves on the body level, every thing about us seems to fall into place.

Dancing your wholeness even for Two Minutes can put you in touch with Soul, Heaven, offer a blessed moment of Therapy, or Just BE A VACATION from the crazy race of life.  Here is what I suggest.white casting petals

  • Put on some peaceful music and lie down in a comfortable position.
  • Move your arm through the air like seaweed suspended in water being sloshed back and forth by gentle waves.
  • Move one of your arms fast, then slow, then jerky, then smooth
  • Let your arm hang above you like the limb of a tree.
  • Let your arm relax and make contact with your body 
or the ground
  • Include your other arm as you let both arms dance.
  • When the music ends, as you lie quietly, reflect on 
the peace that surrounds you.
  • Embrace and savor the gift of the present moment.

If you find it would be helpful to enter into your movement practice with others and with additional coaching consider joining Monday Nights at 5pm pst. Email me at cynthia@interplay.org for more info. Follow Along with the book Dance: The Sacred Art

Next Monday we’ll play with the Wholeness of Time, how to take back Time, Move into Timelessness as well as honor the art of Chronos.



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