Free Online Dance as Sacred Art Practice next Monday at 5pm pst

In your connection to Great Love how do you ready your body? How do you tend and keep it? How do you prepare?  il_fullxfull.361593392_5cy0 th-3

Next Monday January 19th at 5pm pacific time, I’m offering a free step into the weekly practice that I will be leading this year, taking people through the practices and wisdom of ensoulment embedded in my book Dance: The Sacred Art. 

We’ll focus on the dance of breath, bows, and warming up body and soul. As one friend said it, “I VOW TO BOW TO THE WOW!”

The soul dances, but breaking through to that dance takes intention and community amidst the overwhelm and demand of everyday life.  These hour long sessions are highly interactive, share wisdom and offer opportunity for noticing.

Come say hello to the WOW inside and around you.  Email me at and I will send you the link to what I call “The Ruby Way!”


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