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#3 The Dance of Breath, Bows, and Sacred Space: The Ruby Way Online Dance Practice.

Welcome to the Dance of Life.

Your intentional dance practice will honor the most basic things: Breath and Sacred Space.

Agathisos of Greece said, “Hail, space for the uncontained God.” You are that space!

Do you want to honor the space of the divine? Widen your arms out into the air around you. How much space do you connect to”? Does it not go beyond your skin? You are bigger than your skin. Do you sense your energy expand beyond your fingertips?  Your spirit extends out a long way. This is your big body. I sometimes call this the Flaps Up Mode.

More humbly we connect to our body here and now, right where our feet are planted.  This is where a bow starts. Anytime we lower our head or heart it is a way of honoring Earth and all we are given.  I call this the Flaps down positiion. It is truly as special and beautiful as being big and out there.

The InterPlay Warm up is a wonderful way to experience body and soul on given day. Follow this link to the youtube for the warm up.

Another simple way to honor life is through breath.  Whole dance philosophies are based on this simple, natural movement.

The Breath Dance.

  •  Put on some calming music or seek out a quiet spot. Settle into a tranquil position.
  •  Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh. Do this several times.
  •  With your arms complement the “in and out” movement of breath in any way that feels good as you let movement and breath quietly or enthusiastically contract and expand in sync.
  •  When you are ready let go of thinking about the “ins and outs” as breath and movement evolve and go where they may.
  •  To end, rest, giving thanks for the breath that gives life and for movements that come with the inspiration of breath.

The Ruby Way Online Dance Practice happens on Monday night at 5pm pacific.  Contact Cynthia@interplay.org if you would like to be included. Or link here to find more information. This practice follows my book Dance: The Sacred Art by Skylight Paths.

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