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Ensoulment is about a key intiation question: Will It Dance?

Ensoulment just is! Same with embodiment. You can be assured that you are a body!Custom Art Prints

It is how to embody life as fully from soul as possible that fascinates me.

Great Love invites me to be free to dance, play, create serve and live in the wonder of every aspect of life on Earth. I know that it’s not that easy. As one mystic friend said, “Choose your hard.”

I’ve had many times of feeling incredibly distraught. Remarkably, love keeps arising out of nowhere, an answer to prayer. One time this love really did a number on me and I couldn’t resist dedicating my life to it. Ever since I’ve been signed up for amazing lessons like “Clarity of Vision, Efficiency of Energy, Courage to Love.”

Is someone at work behind the screen, a magical engineer or fairy godmother who seems to know what we need next? Some days I would say yes, that’s how miraculous and strange it feels each time I listen to and get help or a new assignment revolving around body and soul.

One of my very first assignments was to bring body and soul together by fostering freedom and love through dance and the arts.  This is particularly challenging in a culture and time that is bent on material possession, promises of safety, production and ME ME ME

Still, when Phil Porter and I discovered that we could create dance and theater on the spot, streaming a synchronous reality where each movement seamlessly falls into place we knew we wanted to share that creative conscious  joy and that it could have world changing effects. InterPlay arose to offer grace-loads of fullness, beauty, wisdom, and connection IN BODY among those who  play with movement, voice, words, stillness and connection. This seems critical to the dream of healthy happy soulful people.

InterPlay showed me that the body’s genius is PLAY! This form of embodiment doesn’t ask for change or improvement. It triggers unconditional instincts and asks only for willingness. It doesn’t need wealth, status, or achievements. Mistakes, judgment, progress aren’t too important to play. Most amazingly, the play so often consider irrelevant fosters conditions conducive to Ensoulment! Play is magic. It unlocks the genuis of soulfulness.  This is why the spirit of play and creativity is emblematic to every course I teach. YAY!

Another initiation to being fully ensouled is learning how to regulate sensitive energy states. I wondered how I would ever manage the highs and lows in my crazy interactions with self, others, and god when I didn’t even know how to pay attention to them? Being so open, my enthusiasm drove me like mad, I’d get high as a kite, and hit the skids without knowing how I got there. I got triggered by unusual energy states and communications. Hormones? Fortunately, teachers, artists, healers, mystics, and psychics showed me how to keep energy on a more even keel.

Initiations are a different way to approach a fully embodied ensouled life. For those with higher than normal sensitivity life is not just about healing. Those who have gone before us know the way. Who are your teachers? What soul skills are you practicing?

The Ruby Way  Online Dance Practice offered every mondy at 5pm pst offers you three must-haves for soul development: grounding in practices, coaching, and fellow dancers. Check out the Ruby Way.

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