Ruby Way #1 The Anatomy of Grace: Dancing to Savor Grace

Dance to Savor Grace to this beautiful music

  • Begin by moving one of your arms. Notice its natural coordination as it reaches out and extends.
  • Add your other arm. Notice the way your two arms immediately engage each other, perfect partners in a single act.
  • Imagine lifting, embracing, and dancing in gratitude as you remember an experience that brings you ordi- nary grace, like the smile of a passerby, a waitress’s accent, a child’s laughter.
  • Breathing, touching these memories, dance and savor the beauty your body knows.
  • In union with these sensations, conclude and give thanks.

We will be supporting the anatomy of grace and its ensoulment in one another at 5pm pst in the Ruby Way Online Dance Practice. To  enter Dance as Spiritual Journey Link here to learn more about how to enter and exit this group.



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