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Ruby Way #2 Having Fun Yet? Dance to Release and Honor Play

In Dance: The Sacred Art: Discovering the Joy of Movement as Spiritual Practice we begin with foundation practices.  I can tend to think of sacred as a certain feeling. Not so.  The Sacred is present in all feelings, all aspects of life.  That is why it is important to honor release, playfulness, and a kind of trickster energy in yourself.  Life and Spirit are tricky.  Spontaneity is a core dynamic.  So take up the three keys inherent IMG_0071.JPGin sacred dance-

The Grace Key,

The Maker Key,

And the Fun Key  (funky–get it?)






Dance of Release

  • Place your fingertips in the groove between your eyes, in the spot where your insistent worries and your attempts to figure things out collect.
  • Playfully fling this focused energy up in the air with a wheeee.
  • Try it a few more times. Let this little physical reminder help you playfully release what holds you back, and open your mind and body.
  • Are there other places that are holding you back? Play with flinging out some wheeee motions from these areas, too.
  • If this is fun, make a dance out of it. Wheeee, wheeee, wheeee all the way home to a looser you.

playful cwh-EditTrickster Dances

  • Thrust your pelvis forward and walk around the room. Can you keep a straight face?
  • Exaggerate any body part or movement. This works especially well if you make fun of your own move- ment style.
  • Try holding your thighs together or walking while keeping your feet far apart from each other. Unexpected actions are often funny.
  • Hold your face in a strange position and keep it there. Let your moves flow from your facial expres- sion.
  • Dance in a completely jerky, quirky way to “Amazing Grace.”

Whew….OK Back to middle ground?—Open up to the grace and creative spirit inside you and let go  the tricky amazing wildness of Great Love.

If you want to dance with others and go deeper learn how dance can carry you into deep healing, wisdom and Divine Love. Learn How this dance is part of healing people in our time and restoring right relationship to the Earth and Each Other. Email me at cynthia@interplay.org to sign up for four sessions  at a time of the Ruby Way Online Dance Practice Monday Nights at 5pm central.



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