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Four Secrets to Dancing Wholeness: Come Online with Cynthia: February 23- March 16

Wholeness is absolutely physical. Come explore how to embrace your wholeness Feb 23-March 16 in Dance: A Sacred Art. The Ruby Way Online Dance Practice with me and friends from across the globe!

A lot of energy is spent on trying to not be something or trying to be more of something than we are. This usually makes us tense and unnatural.

Here’s what I have learned in my years of dancing with body and soul.

Secret 1: You are whole.
Secret 2: You probably don’t want to be. (See shame, rage, disease, grief, ugliness)
Secret 3: The Secret to Have it All? Love it all.
Secret 4: The fast track to wholeness is dance. Why? The body doesn’t know how to NOT BE all that it is.

Eugene Robinson says, “When the going gets tough, the tough go dancing.” Really?  Yes.

Harvard trained Dr. Deborah Cohen is a perfect example of this. She made front page of the San Francisco Chronicle this week for her commitment to dancing for health. She even prescribes dance for patients. Last Fall when she had to have a double mastectomy she sought out a Doctor who loves to dance. Before surgery the whole medical team danced because she wanted her body to be in the most vibrant state possible. The youtube of her dancing with the team went viral.


Sheila Collins shares a similar commitment to dancing all of life in her book Warrior Mother. I highly recommend it.

Ready to dance with wholeness?  Here’s what’s coming on Mondays at 5pm pacific.

February 23 Anxious or Overwhelmed? How to make dance your meditation practice or simply to go on vacation for a few minutes.

March 2 Bored and Tired? Enter Kairos. Shift to expansive states by going deeper and wider, faster or slower for short and then longer times.

Marcy 9 Losing your balance? Allow More Movement. Engage Your Four Movement Styles: Drive, Hang, Swing, Shape.

March 16  Tired of holding back? Embrace The Fall. Get personal with Gravitas to learn how to fly.

In all of this we move directly into our conscious contact with the Divine, each one doing that uniquely and personally.  Affirming each person’s body is our shared practice.

Sign up here, you can start any week and end when you want. 49.00 each four sessions.

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