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I vow to rest in the hidden monastery of playful mysticssynergia.

To bear witness and rejoice in our sensitivity.

To uphold the way, the truth and the life as flower, teacher and free woman.

To align to and practice spiritual intelligence in the earth dance.

To journey and come home.

And serve as a natural expression of devotion and gratitude.


I have made holy vows and broken them. Last November at the Hidden Monastery Retreat in New Mexico we spent time considering vows that our body wants. One person’s was “I vow to bow to the wow.” It’s good for the body to be attached, bound to the spirit of peace and joy.

At Synergia Ranch  next November 11-15 you are invited to join as we take time to listen in and support the spiritual intelligence growing in our lives through art, rest, nature, meals and ritual, all grounded in the beauty of play and the InterPlay practice.  It’s not too soon to get your deposit in.  Link here for more.

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