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Bored and Tired? Do a Time Off the Clock Dance

Ready to dance with wholeness?  Try this Off-the-Clock Dance: From Chronos to Kairos

Secret:  enter deeply into time or learn how to lose it.4be7d31e1be967b72ecdd707f3e22ab7

  • Do you know what time it is? Notice the clock.
  • Walk in any direction, moving in serpentine fashion. As you count to sixty, move to a steady beat for 
about a minute.
  • Keep moving in cadence if being in this kind of 
chronos time feels like dancing.
  • Now put on some music. When you are ready, 
switch to some “t’ai chi-like” moves (slow, smooth 
  • Glide through space. Open, extend, and stretch your 
limbs as you play with the space. Imagine dancing with the stars or a loved one in a far-off place.
  • Let this meditation stretch out for as long as you like.
  • When you come to an end, take a deep breath and 
let it out with a sigh.
  • Squirm around to come back to the present
  • Notice the clock again.
  • Does playing with time and space expand, limit, 
or connect you to a bigger reality?


Monday 5pm pst

March 9  How to Lose your balance to Allow More Movement with Four Movement Styles: Drive, Hang, Swing, Shape.
March 16  Tired of holding back? Embrace The Fall. Get personal with Gravitas to learn how to fly.

March 25  Dancing for Healing begins!!!

Restoration, Exformation, Confession, Soul Retrieval to address Trauma, and Dancing on Behalf of (Intercession). Understanding what the body wants for healing has been one of the great wisdom’s I’ve received.  I would love to share it with any of you who are reading.

All sessions are an hour long and provide live coaching and community that helps us move into conscious contact with the Divine and affirms each person’s experience in our shared practice. Start any week and end when you want. 49.00 for four sessions. Email me at cynthia@interplay.org if you are interested in playing and praying.


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