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Dancing Wholeness: Swing Movement Pattern

Moving to “Home Base”  To Develop your wholeness Unlock four movement patterns that lead to excellence, compassion, and wise leadership.
Exercises in Dance a Sacred Art: p 69

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Take a deep breath, sigh, and shake yourself out.

Love to Swing?

  1. Start by rocking or swaying.
  2. Swing your hips.
  3. Swing your arms. Front to back. Side to side. Swing 
high, low, fast, slow. Let the momentum of the move
ment carry you.
  4. Swinging is like sweeping. As you “sweep,” imagine 
clearing away thoughts, projects, or concerns that 
you don’t need to entertain right now.
  5. If you are with another person, swing her around.
  6. Twirl, spin, bounce, or jump.
  7. At rest, notice your energy.What areas of sacred movement might you be ready to explore?

When you swing:

  • Where is your center? Do you sense strength and grounding there?
  • How does swinging back and forth deepen reciprocity and your sense of give-and-take?
  • What is it like to play with different sides of you? With more than one direction to go? How does your comfort or discomfort with this relate to your life with others and with the Divine? 
When you thrust:
  • Can you focus your energy and power? Can you send it out?
  • Can you differentiate between violent and powerful?
  • How much or how little do you want to do this?
  • Do you like to push and pull?
  • Is it fun to let go in big, active movements? 
When you shape:
  • How easy or difficult is it to hold a shape for a while? Do you like the stillness?
  • Do you enjoy being in a place with nothing else to do or be?
  • Do you enjoy creating and placing your shapes?
  • How easy or difficult is it for you let go of shapes and 
just flow?
  •  As you move from position to position, is it easy to 
be definite and clear, or do you tend to blur and merge the movements?


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