Dancing Wholeness: Finding the “Hang” Visionary Body


  1. girl with balloonWhile standing, let your weight drop into the ground. Stand easy on your feet. Imagine being a little drunk. Fall a little in any direction, letting momentum carry you for a few a steps.
  2. Float with your arms as if you were snorkeling, hanging in a pool of water like a fish, or suspended on an air current like a bird.
  1. Using slow, smooth t’ai chi like moves, soothe your energies and gather them back to the vicinity of your body. Let your attention and awareness follow the feelings of weight and energy. Go with the flow.
  2. Move any way you want, drawing on any of these movement patterns, or forget them altogether and move as you wish.

Now take a few minutes to journal about what you noticed for each of the four movements.

  • Where did you feel the most ease?
  • What gave you energy?
  • What felt demanding?
  • Where did you feel resistant?
  • How do you think these movements relate to what you want more or less of in life?
  • What movement most nourishes your physicality of grace today? 
Come back, practice, and play with these movements again in the future.

Hanging appears in the earthed , repetitive, communal steps of North American Indian tribal dances and ecstatic dances

Could you bring more balance to body and soul through these patterns?

Can you embrace the “spirit” of all ways of moving as sacred? Each pattern has sacred expressions.

What areas of sacred movement might you be ready to explore?

Could you bring more balance to body and soul through these patterns?


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