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Dancing Wholeness: Your Thrust/Drive Center

teetertone_lelavisionMoving to “Home Base”  A week dedicated to developing your wholeness
Unlocking four movement patterns that lead to excellence, compassion, and wise leadership.
Exercises in Dance a Sacred Art: p 69


  1. Ground yourself in the earth and gather your energy to your center.
  2. Imagine that you are a Sumo wrestler. Engage your arm muscles as if you were pushing and pulling against an outside force. Notice your energy.
  3. Next, imagine throwing paint on the wall, flinging out the accumulation of the day, the joy and the frustration. Make sounds that match your movement. It won’t feel half as good if you try to hold your breath. Including breath and voice improves this movement exponentially.
  4. Try thirty seconds of “fake tap dancing.” Let your feet and arms make percussive strikes and swishes on the floor as you pretend to be Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers, summoning the spirituality of delight.
  5. Do thirty seconds of “fake flamenco,” a vertical, stomping, and poised dance to activate your grounded spiritual passion.
  6. Do ten seconds of “fake karate” with quick, focused martial-art moves to release your energy and call up your power, courage, and action.

Take a deep breath, sigh, and shake yourself out.

  • Try moving back and forth between directing energy (thrusting) and going with the flow (hanging).
  • Try swinging and then thrusting your movement.
  • As you find ease in combining the different movement types, make note of any shifts in your physical 
and spiritual balance.

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