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Online Class: Incorporating Dance in Your Healing Journey. Next Monday 5pm pst.

On Monday nights April 6-May 4 come delve into the dance of healing with me in this online class.prayer flag majal

Celebrate the way that dance activates individual and collective power and personal space and the way that music works directly with sound to activate and change our relationship to time. Time, Space, Energy!


1) Creative Energy forms the basic underlying system and by nature includes decay, death, and rebirth. A Corollary: Suffering is inherent to creation and creativity. This needn’t be a problem.


2) Change is basic. Therefore the vision we hold needs to be one of moving through, transformation rather than fixation of fixing.
Do you hold suffering as a problem?  Most of us feel scared and vulnerable. That is appropriate. The big question is “How do we play with suffering?” Those who can play and pray—make choices to engage the whole—as well as the brokenness. We consistentlty reInclude suffering and create with it to find healing… Learning to do this involves many initiations.


3) Both Suffering & Joy get stuck in the body. This causes disorganization. We are not in flow.
The Tree of Life is a global structure/form along with spiraling energy snake-like power. Many of us have to find our backbone in the process of healing. Health is the coordination in our body of form (structure) and energy (content flowing through) in an honoring way.


4) When we engage too much power before our physical system is organized to manage more energy we can break down.
Health and Having our Power is an incremental physical process. Supportive physical architectures in our mind, body, and heart must be place. Growing in capacity requires incremental practices, inner and outer support.


5)  Soul is wisely shy, and the most potent, complex core  of a being. For this reason soul doesn’t respond well to surgical interventions or direct focus. Soul responds to high, uplifting creative vibrations. Soul knows its truth. Rooted in freedom (free will), soul is motivated by the authority to choose. Healing that works with this freedom is successful on the soul level.


6) The communal body is key to individual healing. Most suffering stems from relational group systems: Shame, Shun in Family, Organizations and Societies. Therefore it corresponds that a body needs to rebuild confidence in relational reality through healthy rituals and meetings with at least one other person. For this reason, to know the respect, seeing and creative support of a group is perhaps the powerful healing force.


7) Everyone needs healing, but what is the healing we need? Is the healing ours to do?  Learning to know the kind of healing needed is like asking for the right treatment. As we play with dance and healing we discover different ways dancing may be of service to the healing journey.


April 6 The Necessity of Restoration and Recreation as the base.

April 13 The Need for Exformational Releasing and Exorcising unwanted energy.

April 20 The Need for Confessional Rituals- Telling Our Truth and Noticing What is is.

April 27 The Vitality of Playing with No No Dances, Honoring Shadows and Masks

May 4  Trauma and Soul Retrieval, Dancing on Behalf of



If this is your first class email me at cynthia@interplay.org. I will set you up with your first session for free. Or, you can go straight to the Ruby Way link and sign up.  It’s just $49 for four sessions. The next sessions I will offer are on Dance and Life Purpose.  You might want to continue. Here is the link to the class.


Join classes anytime….Where the mind learns to dance with body and soul!


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