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The Dance of Healing: Exforming the Jerky and the Smooth

Use the practice of Exformation to release and create WITH the challenges of life.ruths exform

Exformation is part of our everyday journey—taking out the trash, exhaling deep breaths, getting cranky and growling…but dancing also balances and returns us to being happy.

Our bodies fill up with energy and thought residue, much of which does not belong to us.  We receive so much information each day directly on a body to body level.  If you can’t understand why you are feeling icky it may be because you have taken in TOO MUCH or that you have taken in physical experiences that are not yours to solve.

The fastest way to move out excess  energy is to visualize this as your intent and then to literally dance or move. I like to make sweeping movements to clear my space. Sometimes I ground myself and fling out energy on the walls.  Sometimes I Know I am “full of something.” That is when I feel into the movement and literally create a dance.  When I do this it is best to have a witness who has an easy focus. This often helps me feel grounded. I know someone else is watching out for me.

One of the simple practices to exform is to dance with jerky and smooth.  Letting the jerky energy back into daily life in a creative way shows us that our range of movement is a gift not a curse.

Try this little dance on your own or with a partner. (from Dance: A Sacred Art)


For ten seconds, make jerky movements.

  • For another ten seconds, make jerky and slow movements.
  • For ten seconds, make smooth movements.
  • For another ten seconds, make smooth and fast movements.
  • Then, combine smooth and jerky moves any way you want, imagining anything that has “jerked you around”or that you’d like to “smooth out.”
  • If jerky movements are enlivening, do more of them. Even if you’re required to hold your energy back at work, at school, or at home, you don’t have to now.
  • If the jerky movements challenge you, take them as a confession, a brief way to own the complex dynamics you hold.
  • Now play some music as you dance to exform.
  • When the dance is over, take a deep breath. Notice if there is more to move out. If so, continue.
  • When you are ready, rest in stillness. You may want to journal to reflect.

Exformation is only one of the routes to healing through dance.


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Grateful to Ruth Showalter for her art and friendship. See Coffee With Hallelujah: Discussing Matters Most Important to Artful Journeying,




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