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Turning 60: How to be a Beauty Mark: My May Celebrations–You are Invited

I turn 60 this May.  Every other year, when asked how old I am, I say the upcoming number–to help me live into that number.cynthia in pines- harriet

I didn’t do that this year.

Aging is a body deal.  Wrinkles, turkey neck, energy shifts, endless ruts in behavior…and then there’s being a dancer.  I’ve seen people rally around their aging physicality big time.

Phil said that if he looks at where physical problems are showing up he sees things headed downhill. He realized he needed uphill plans. Shortly after that he went back to the gym to swim. He’s lookin good.

Roberta Meyer, a long time mentor, performed her last ballroom dance exhibition BEAUTIFULLY at 65.  She had the iron will of a Balanchine dancer and did rigorous daily practice to stay in shape.

Of course dad is in a league of his own—still clearing trails and race directing in his 80’s. Don’t think that is going to work for me.

I create best through desire, curiosity, and following spirit.  That is why I’ve decided to put a love and desire for beauty at the forefront.

Look out. I will be telling a lot more people that they are beautiful! I will bow to beauty in everything I can.  Here are some places I will plant this seed this month. I need people of all ages to assist in claiming Beauty NOW.

soyinka loving our mothers



  1. Ingrid Hurlen says:

    Eric and I are coming to celebrate with you, dear one, on the 30th. Can he bring a mandolin? It is also perhaps a time that weekend to say our goodbyes to his sister. Ah, the circle going around.

    • cynthia winton-henry says:

      Ah yes! That would be soooooooo awesome! I’ll let Amar and Sabib Amar know. Blessings on all the change and releasing.

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