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Soul Retrieval Talk Today: 5pm PST Online

Soul is the place of breath, movement, song and spontaneous joy. It’s a privilege to share that blessing.

We retrieve our soul everyday.  Sometimes we need more than remedial care. To learn about soul retrieval join me tonight Monday May 11 at 5pm on a free Webinar.

Go to JoinGoToMeeting.com. Enter this meeting ID: 527-180-02. New to gotomeeting? Join at 4:45.

If you share a sacred path with others, seek more alignment with your mystical connection, and need something other than therapy, for the first time ever, I am sharing wisdom and doable practices in Spiritual Instruction Modules. (SIM cards, smile). Integrating body and soul is key!

  1. SoulSpeech and why you don’t have to worry about whether things are in your imagination.
  2. A Mini Etymology of Mysticism focusing on Art as our Mother Tongue?  Add some words to this dictionary.
  3. A link to an excellent article on shamanism and psychotherapy.
  4. Lenore Noorgard’s wisdom on soul retrieval.
  5. Link to shamanism and earth wisdom at http://www.earthlight.org/2002/about_issue46.html 

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reserve a spot at the Body and Soul Retreat near Santa Fe in November.





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