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Sign up Now: Stop Fighting Your Life Purpose– June 1-29 5pm pst

Monday nights 5pm pst. June 1-June 29

Are you fighting with your purpose, wondering why you are suffering instead of rising up?
Take a journey to discover the poetic purpose underlying your decisions and actions.IMG_5395

Purpose is an intrinsic GPS that orients you to the deep, delicious learning you desire. It can feel like something that you are both up against and long for until it gets clarified.

Purpose is in more than your mind and therefore requires more than thought. Like the ancients, we need to listen through the body, dream like images, and poetic language.

Those who are ready to steer their course with clarity and skill often let imagination, body, mind, heart and soul guide. Some call this intuition.

In this course participants

• Look for key words that ring in us and others regarding the What, Who, and How of each persons purpose.

• Learn the key ways to differentiate between gifts, call, and purpose so that you know which of these is in the lead.

• Release old calls that may be holding you back.

• Honor gifts as the natural energy in your contributions.

Once you begin to clarify purpose it can give you a super-charge effect. Life may get a chiropractic adjustment and begin to flow in a new way. You may feel you have more choices to make.  This can be overwhelming. This course takes that into consideration to help you make sure that Your Purpose and Flow go at an easeful right speed for you.


June 1 Overview: Gifts, Calls, and Purpose in the Dance of Life and the Poetry of Soul.

June 8 Listen to Your Longing, The Poetry of Who What Where?

June 15 Exform Old Calls and Dance to Claim and Clarify Your Gifts and Calls

June 22  Divine Purpose through the Language of Embodied Poetry.

June 29 Be You with the Poetry of Purpose: Controlling the Speed of Manifesting.

This class is part of the Ruby Way Online Dance Practice. Get all five sessions for just 49.00.

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