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I Follow Mindfulness Practices for Self Care

I follow mindfulness practices because Maturity requires Self care
With all the challenges of self-regulation I now understand why balance is such a challenge.  Health is no small matter. Blessed are we in any moment of maturity.


“Humans need to intake a sufficient amount of air, water and food. Care needs to be taken with the process of elimination and excrement. There must be a balance between rest and activity as well as between solitude and social activities. The prevention and avoidance of human hazards and the promotion within social groups are also requisites. Maturity requires the autonomous practice of self care duties.
Self care practices are shaped by what are seen as the proper lifestyle choices of local communities. Health-related self care topics include;
•    General fitness training and physical exercise
•    Healthy diet, diet foods and fasting
•    Smoking cessation and avoiding alcohol abuse
•    Personal hygiene
•    Life extension
•    Pain management
•    Stress management
•    Alternative medicine such as homeopathy and home remedies
•    Self-help and personal development
•    Self care portals[12] and the use of health apps

A lack of self care in terms of personal health, hygiene and living conditions is referred to as self-neglect. The use of caregivers and Personal Care Assistants may be needed. An aging population is seeking greater self care knowledge primarily within families connections and with responsibility usually belonging to the mother.”

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