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Starting Monday July 13th: Give yourself this gift—Dance and Pray!

Are you ready to literally make peace? No fancy steps are needed to engage the muscles that strengthen the heartbeat of PEACE.

Share direct experiences of dance, silence and music as super highways of collective peace in this personal, in depth space for practice on Monday nights at 5pm pst. Invite a friend to join you in your space and do this together.

I promise powerful connection at low cost.

Make it a weekly practice if you like. Nancy Pfaltzgraf leads dance as prayer on alternate mondays.

This course offers visionary strategies from InterPlay and my book Dance: A Sacred Art: The Joy of Movement as a Spiritual Practice published by Skylight Paths.

Here are some things you can expect to do.

1  enter the bonding play of dance

2  attune to the peaceway over distances.

3 claim your own art and theology

4 navigate crazy spontaneity of peace: curious, joyful, playful, stretching.

5 bow and make offerings

6 cultivate open mind (easy focus plus desire)

7 dance with disease as dances of intimacy

8 face the trickster and evil

9 move through rupture: take time, exform and still the body.

10 forgive by reconnecting to purpose, the divine, other.

11 promote the revolution of create play rest.

12 dream into mystery silence, darkness, not knowing.

$150 for 12 sessions with Cynthia and any partners in your space. Pay here.
$49/month for July-December weekly Monday practices with Nancy Pfaltzgraf, certified leader. Sign up here.  Learn about Nancy as my Soul Coaching Partner here.

All sessions occur on Gotomeeting. No extra cost. See the reference guide.

Sessions with Cynthia begin July 13th.

July 13, 27
August 3, 24
Sept 14  21
October 12, 26
November 2, 16
December 7, 21.

(This is part of the Ruby Way Year Long Course, Ruby refers to the royal blood of our birthright and ancestral wisdom lineages.)

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