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Nancy helps lead the Monday Ruby Way Online Dance Practice

I am so pleased to welcome Nancy Pfaltzgraf onto my Mystic Tech team to help lead the Ruby Way weekly class. Nancy is a gifted leader as a former ER nurse, hospice chaplain, beloved leader of a congregation in Illinois, and life long dancer of the mystic path. She has traveled with people through all major life initiations: birth, death, disease, and graduations of every sort.  Her faith and love is generative.  She is certified to coach the movement patterns and to use the Appreciative Inquiry.

I love that her name means grace x 2.  In clarifying her purpose she said it is to lead with love, follow with trust, and and dance with joy with those ready to step into the life-giving rhythms of grace.

To be able to lead online is part of her path. As she says,

Nancy Pfaltzgraf headshotThe last few months have been a time of playing with uncertainty and possibility as my husband finished his Transitional Interim Ministry position in New Jersey and searched for another position which ultimately landed us in the Boston area. What a gift participating in the weekly Ruby Way sessions have been during this time. The weekly reminder to stay in my body and trust my own body wisdom have kept me grounded and able to deal with each new challenge as it has presented itself. It is amazing to me how connected I feel to other participants through the gift of modern technology as we move together, tell our stories and share our noticings, even though we are in different parts of the world.

As I find my bearings and get settled in my new home, I am excited to join Cynthia in a leadership role in the Ruby Way practice. This collaboration will allow us all to learn new aspects of the Ruby Way that Cynthia will share with us as well as times for us to play more deeply with those aspects and notice the gifts they bring to our lives as I lead us in some of the InterPlay forms. I also believe that having these regular times to play in community will help us deepen our connection to one another. Having spent the last several years where there are no regular InterPlay gatherings I know how important this connection can be.

Join Nancy or I on Mondays in the Ruby Way Online Dance Practice: It is called Ruby because Dance is a Royal, Bloodline practice. Your ancestors did it and it is time to return to the wisdom of the ancestors.

by Ruth Showaltar
by Ruth Showaltar

Learn more about the Ruby Way here.

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