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Online Al-Anon Outreach Links and Information

Those who descend from families affected by addiction often require ongoing support to find ease and health.

I consider Alanon meetings and wisdom as essential to my health and leadership. I am happy to tell you my story at no charge. Email me at cynthia@interplay.org

If you suffer from over-loving, over-extending yourself, or any relational pattern that keeps you disorganized, Alanon or any of the 12 step meetings are a powerful resource should you find yourself unable to manage your own or a loved ones addictive behavioral patterns.

Twelve step programs recommend daily reading, attending meetings, using the tools, and getting a sponsor. I recommend the daily reader Courage to Change.

Check out an Alanon meeting where you are.

Al-Anon meetings are available via email as well as real-time chats offered in English, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, German, French and Portuguese. For info, click: http://www.ola-is.org/. Also http://www.al-anon.org/electronic-meetings

Al-Anon is for families, relatives, and friends whose lives have been affected by someone else’s drinking. If someone close to you, such as a family member, friend, co-worker, or neighbor, has or has had a drinking problem, the following questions may help you determine if Al-Anon is for you:

 1. Do you constantly seek approval and affirmation?

 2. Do you fail to recognize your accomplishments?

 3. Do you fear criticism?

 4. Do you overextend yourself?

 5. Have you had problems with your own compulsive behavior?

 6. Do you have a need for perfection?

 7. Are you uneasy when your life is going smoothly, continually anticipating problems?

 8. Do you feel more alive in the midst of a crisis?

 9. Do you still feel responsible for others, as you did for the problem drinker in your life?

 10. Do you care for others easily, yet find it difficult to care for yourself?

 11. Do you isolate yourself from other people?

 12. Do you respond with fear to authority figures and angry people?

 13. Do you feel that individuals and society in general are taking advantage of you?

 14. Do you have trouble with intimate relationships?

 15. Do you confuse pity with love, as you did with the problem drinker?

 16. Do you attract and/or seek people who tend to be compulsive and/or abusive?

 17. Do you cling to relationships because you are afraid of being alone?

 18. Do you often mistrust your own feelings and the feelings expressed by others?

 19. Do you find it difficult to identify and express your emotions?

 20. Do you think someone’s drinking may have affected you?

If you have answered “Yes” to any of these questions, Al-Anon or Alateen may help you. Find a meeting now.

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