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Dance with others for our highest good! Why this is a must and how to do it with ease, online, this year!

I really think this could be important this year and some of you know I have pretty good instincts about what is coming.

I think that to dance our prayers and intentions in community may be one of the most powerful ways to impact life on Earth. Though lost for some, this practice was employed by dancing people all over the world.


Why did indigenous people keep the dance alive? What did they know?

WIth indigenous language and culture on the endangered list, it may be more important than ever to bring our intentions and prayers back to the dance as the accelerator of physical and psychic change on earth.

I’ve heard that this year could be a doozy. Just think about the elections. As a grace worker, you are in the thick of things. You could be on the front lines of social change. Your own kids and family, and housing and identity could be in turmoil. Your health/stress could need support.

Whatever you do don’t be put off by the word prayer. Get some! One dictionary definition is “an earnest hope or wish.” Prayer as an idea beautifully appreciates that an Energy and Support Greater that is greater than me. I think this word can cover theistic to a-theistic approaches just as the word meditation does.

You DO NOT have to take on life by yourself. Prayer is one way we can practice this.

I am so happy that it is now possible to dance together, see, hear, and feel deep connection ONLINE with others wherever we are! In 2015 my first online dance group, called the Ruby Way, included people from Australia to the East Coast of the U.S.

One woman noted,

“After being “sick” for a week (with fever and all) it was like an instant healing – I can only say I think dancing our prayers plugged an energy leak I had been having and I was back to 100% energy the next day!!”

What if you had a circle where 1) you didn’t have to perfect your words, 2) Your body didn’t have to hold anything 3) You could dance in a chair, on your feet, or just be still 4) You didn’t have to go anywhere 5) You could to be part of active research on the effects of dancing our prayers?

Using visionary strategies developed while cofounding InterPlay after decades of research on body and soul, me and my wonderful colleague Nancy Pfalztgraf explored  dance, silence, voice and music as super highways of peace-making and healing. I believe this strengthened those collective muscles that propel the heartbeat of PEACE.

Join for a month and you’ll find a personal, in depth space for practice and powerful connection at low cost with Cynthia and co leader Nancy Pfaltzgraf.

With them you can expect to

1 warm up your dancing spirit with community support, knowing how hard it is to do this by yourself.

2  bring specific prayers for peace in your life, family, community, and world to dance on behalf of and and be danced for.

3. learn powerful wisdom tools from Cynthia, Nancy, and one another for approaching life’s challenges,

4. Notice the wisdom of your body in a chat box or your own journal.

5. Track what happens in a private Facebook Community.

6. Stretch and Grow as you reMEMBER grace and gratitude in your offerings.

This InterPlayful approach to one’s deepest needs is known worldwide to help

  • connect body and soul
  • transform anger, rage and despair
  • build courage to face challenges
  • forgive
  • promote creativity
  • play
  • rest
  • embrace mystery
  • find our way
  • make a difference.

You will also be included in a private Hidden Monastery, the primary group for people who engage one another in Mystic Tech if you participate for more than a month.

My books Dance: A Sacred Art: The Joy of Movement as a Spiritual Practice published by Skylight Paths and What the Body Wants published by Woodlake Press support the wisdom of this practice.

Nancy Pfaltzgraf headshotMy Soul Coaching Partner was an RN before she became a clergy (now retired) and spiritual companion. She has always known that dance is her prayer. Credentialed to coach the four movement patterns and as an InterPlay Life Practice Program leader, Nancy lives in Boston and has a home and InterPlay group in Illinois. These online groups help her finds continuity.

I will be on many of the Monday night groups. Thursday AM I will be present the first of the month and whenever I can join.

Cost and Details:

Just $49/month offering. Sign up here. Or email me to send a check.

If you want to participate and can’t afford to contribute, let me know. You can also try a session for free. Just email me at cynthia@interplay.org. I’ll send you a link to our gotomeeting platform.

If you have to miss sessions, let me know and we will credit that to a coaching session in the future.

Link here to a world clock to compare your time.

All sessions occur on Gotomeeting at no extra cost. See the reference guide.

For information on my books see the Mystic Tech Shop on this website.

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