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Why did the ancestors dance their prayers?

Few can answer this.LC7A2002
dance is recorded in our DNA,
where we feel it forever,
but leaves little trace in words.
Nature thought it would be obvious.
We would never forget
the speech of energy and soul,
the binding force of holy intent.
Even Jesus said, “They who don’t dance
do not know what comes to pass.”1

Dancing words shine all through
the Hebrew and Christian Bible
but few scholars mention them.
Dance is the motherhouse
of all ritual in Africa, Australia,
Latin America, Native America,
the Islands, but like Mother Earth
dance struggles for rightful place.

Do you remember when
Dance was our medicine.
Dance was our school.
Dance was the homework
that everyone wanted to do.
Dance was our psychologist
and our career guide.
Not the sex dancing we see in clubs
But the healing reverie born of
community collaborating with everything.
The dance of indigenous belonging.

Do you dance your prayers?
Do your people dance theirs?
What grace if they do.
What health. What hope.
When we dance we are
Nature at her best.
When we dance our prayers
we talk body to body
with power and glory.
We lose our problems
in the beat and air of love.


Screenshot 2016-03-14 17.42.16The hunger to dance my prayers has grown over the years.

This is why I now offer space to dance our prayer online Mondays 5pm pst & Thursdays 9:30 pstan hour to warm up, bless the body, listen to and note wisdom, dance on behalf of one another and lift up needs of the world.

This grounding, reassuring practice gives us space to dance as we dance, and yet move together.Screenshot 2016-02-15 17.35.40On gotomeeting we see and hear each other. Our bodies sense the deeper connection.

If you are homebound, can’t find a local dancing community, or just need to pray this way, Nancy Pfaltzgraf and I welcome you!

I welcome you to come for free any monday or thursday and if you are able contribute I suggest 25.00- 49.00 for one time. You can set up a recurring payment here.

email me at cynthia@interplay.org

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