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Mending Broken

I love that Guidance is as close as google. Getting ready to write a book I googled “Soul Path” and came across Teresa b Pasqual who speaks to concerns about soul wounding, church trauma etc as “a “crooked” mystic, a trauma therapist, a mind/body/spirit yoga teacher, advocate for the underdog, hope conspirator, lover of pups, and creativity-monger who believes we can all find healing and help others heal by sharing the deepest parts of our souls & our selves.

Teresa wrote Mending Broken: A Personal Journey Through the Stages of Trauma + Recovery and collaborated on the song below. I find a perfect expression of the humble soul way evoked on the route of deep faith where we discover an astonishing resilience that comes when we can dance and sing, pray and play into the sacred everyday. The Songstress/Guitarist is Peyton Davis.

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