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Have You Received a Transmission?



Transmission is a word used in Eastern Practice. A teacher shares not only knowledge, they transmit their state of being, their lineage, the gestalt of their wisdom to a student.  How?  By using a surprisingly ordinary phenomenon called Body to Body Communication.

We are created to synch up with one another. The challenge in receiving a transmission is not the synching up. It is first being able to differentiate our own inner guide-dance from that of the teacher. A student must have prepared their own ground of being to receive the full transmission. Transmissions can be a blessing. They can also be demanding.

Those who are open to being guided are led through many initiations that ready one for higher wisdom. We must learn to meet reality on its terms, stay connected to guidance, and engage whatever lies beyond individual thought and will.

I received an important transmission last October from Uncle, the Ice Wisdom Indigenous Elder. He spoke to the Parliament of World Religions assembly about offering hope to the young at a time when the ice is melting. Then, he vocalized his medicine through his winddrum. I found myself inhaling and exhaling very fast and knew I was receiving more than his words. My being was altered.

What I came away with has given me a different ground. I feel like I am in direct contact with Mother Earth as her daughter. I am eating in a simpler conscious way. I am doing less.

Transmissions are happening all the time now. Tami Simon of Sounds True sent out an email with a video of A. Hameed Ali, founder of the Diamond Approach, who says quite simply–Transmissions can be electronic. They can be read, heard, and received through video. Body to Body communication works across media just as it works with beings who come into our dreams.

I know from leading the online interfaith dance chapel, from meeting with people on skype and Facetime that we receive transmissions from one another. Put yourself with a master and you are likely to receive a transmission. Don’t be surprised if your teacher is not well known, though. Masters are not too interested in advertising. They are more interested in finding a student who is ready.

What transmissions have you received?

Here is A Hameed Ali.


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