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Earth Mystic Wednesday 19

In honor of Mother Earth’s wisdom flowing through us here is a prompt for meditation and gratitude.





I come home to the wisdom of____________

I move to the mystery of__________________

Please feel free to leave your answers and thoughts in the comment section below!


    • cynthia winton-henry says:

      thank you Rich. Be assured that what I am sensing is not surface stuff. This is the deepest sense of the Divine, an experience and truth I have dedicated my whole life and ministry to that I see so beautifully exemplifyed in Christ. I am one of those who sees God as incarnate, IN everything God created. Wisdom of God flows from all God creates and I love God in all that God has created. As a dancer and artist I am very fortunate to feel and know God’s presence rising in me, too, in spite of all my humaness. To be that loved and to know that the earthy glory of you, too, are that loved fills me with awe and joy.

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