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Is it time to S.I.N.? Spiritual Intelligence Now!

11428467_10153442165476018_4987060744462242758_nYou may be saying, “Enough!” to systems that stunt and hurt people. You may be drawn to try strange things. Could this be earth’s intelligence rising, an intelligence that doesn’t require you to be beautiful, smart, healthy or rich to grow wise?

In a one time only Online Class Sept 1, 5pm-6:30pm pst, Cynthia Winton-Henry, cofounder of InterPlay describes the need to overturn the big No-No’s of the old regime and reintroduce practices that build health, energy, liberation, and goodwill. We desperately need a kind of intelligence that helps people not only weather today’s storms but gloriously evolve.

In Cynthia’s words,Spiritual Intelligence combines Intellectual and Emotional aptitude by being present to the whole body. Call it Presence, Essence, or Soul; we can sense it when we are in a congruent state that feels like more than knowing things. Spiritual intelligence helps us truly play with the field of experience, including the worst suffering and greatest ecstasies. Today spiritual Intelligence is needed not just by individuals but groups!”The-Brains-Three-Processing-Modes-copy

Here’s the good news. Spiritual Intelligence can be cultivated!   In this class you not only learn, you can EXPERIENCE:

–Why embodied groups are crucial to evolving spiritual intelligence.

–How to put counter-cultural qualities like Playfulness, Clear Thinking, Telling Stories, Common Sense, Wonder, and Dancing for a Higher Purpose at the center of your life.

–The powerful role physical spontaneity plays in freedom and wisdom.

–How you currently activate Spiritual Intelligence in your personal, professional, and political life.

Cost 25.00, no one turned away. Contact 510-465-2797 to register.

If this intrigues you, there’s more…Cynthia is leading an InterPlay Life Practice Program for Spiritual Leaders starting October 3. 2016. A small group of people around the world will gather both in person and online to put body wisdom and other wonderful No-No’s back at the center of spiritual formation. Caveat: May lead to outbreaks of mysticism, joy, and social change.  Link here for details.

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