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I’m about to offer my best teaching on the body and soul operating system

Ponder with me, these wisdoms

• The Soul Loves The Body
• We can recover the Lost Soul Languages
• Our Bodyspirit Is Bigger Than Our Skin
• Spontaneity as a Key Signature Of Soul Freedom
• Transformation as a Fundamentally Creative Process
• The Architecture of Soul as Bigger Than One Body
• Spiritual Intelligence is Earths Gift to Us.

InterPlay’s Life Practice Program for Spiritual Leaders starts in two weeks with an opening retreat, 8 powerful online sessions, mentoring and a closing retreat.

In this course I blend InterPlay tools and powerful discoveries about art, imagination, and spirituality for the purpose of uplifting the incredible wisdom of each individual in a beautiful dancing, singing, storytelling collage of humanity. I support participants to articulate their body wisdom and strengthen leadership to spiritual community.

I am thrilled to quest with others through this six month program during such a contentious times in history. Our sessions will touch on the deepest aspects of love, justice, interfaithfulness, and ways to be in creative response to this time.

My prayer is that you too will go deep into your goodness and grace during this season, for that is how we counterbalance and ground wisdom during these most challenging forces.

If you want to join it is not too late. I have a couple of spaces left. Read more about the program elements here.



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