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Sensing Life and Death Across Time and Space.

I have a practice in which I notice my connection to beloved friends and family when we are far apart. I trust what I notice. Sometimes I sense a real shift. Often, I simply share the web and uphold each person or being that comes to mind with love and honor.

Sandra Ingerman is one of our great shamanic teachers. I have followed her for years and get her Transmutation News. She has many suggestions about how valuable it is to cultivate the web of connection, both alone and in community, especially when more people feel disconnected and in despair. Explore her news here.

Here she reflects on the powerful ability of elephants to sense a change20130502_tna38nicol03anelephantneverforgetselephantsheadrubbingcolor600w in the field.

Laurence Anthony known as the Elephant Whisperer… lived in South Africa and was known for his work in conservation and also with elephants. When he died on March 7 two herds of wild elephants walked for twelve hours through Zululand to honor him. They stood outside his house for two days after his death.

How did the elephants get the news that Laurence Anthony had died? How is it that animals typically know that an environmental event is getting ready to occur and know to move to safer places where they will not be harmed?

Animals use psychic senses in a way that is quite amazing to watch. And so much research has also been done on how plants and trees also respond to what many would say are human emotions.

With all we know about how plants, trees, and animals are so psychically tuned in we have to wonder when we see them in their radiant light and divinity instead of perceiving them in suffering what do they pick up on? How do they respond to being held in love and light?

I thought this would be an interesting topic to journey or meditate on. In your journey or meditation hold the intention to speak to one of you favorite animals, or plant, or tree and ask them how they feel when we radiate love and light to them during turbulent times. And how do their feelings differ when people pity them and feed the energy of suffering?

I think you will receive some rich information by journeying or meditating to nature beings and learning about the effect of holding all of life in love and light.

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