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Homecomings: Online Intro to the Art of Creating & Relating to Home 12/28

Join Ellen Solot, founder, artist, and guide on Thursday 4pm pst.

Get ready for the new year with a complementary home tour where Ellen shares ways to explore and enliven Your Home. Peak into grace spots that will surprise and delight you as you think about what makes your bodyspirit glad!

Participants will be able to share an item from home and dance on behalf of the journey to bring our homes into present time.

* How to be More at Home in Your Home
* How To Express Yourself Through your Home
* How to put your Values & Needs into your surroundings
* How to Play with what you have to Enliven You and Your Home.

Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach said, “Chanukah is the holiday of the inside light, the hidden light, the light which is burning amidst the deepest darkness.” 
And how do we honor that hidden light? Sing, dance, be poetry, bring light home!

Ellen Solot is a teacher, artist, therapist, and founder of Homecomings®: The Art of Creating and Relating to Your Home. She holds a BA in Creative Arts, SFSU, an MA in Somatic Psychology, Naropa University, and 7years of study in Japan. Her work is an integration of visual anthropology, Qigong and mindfulness practice, art, body psychology, and her love of spontaneity and processes like InterPlay!

Cost: Free/ Register Here. 



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