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The Body Will Preach

When InterPlayers are invited into a pulpit or onto a platform, the Wisdom of the Body comes into the room in wonderful ways. Dancing, Talking, Chanting, and Breathing! 

Refreshing perspectives.

This happened on the east and west coast the same day when Anna Gilcher in DC at Seekers Church and Phil Porter at First Church Berkeley where Phil serves as a minister of Arts and Community happened to preach on the same story—the man born blind.

Two different takes- both illuminating. 

I thought a few of you would be keen to peek into these Hidden Sanctuaries of Love.

Read Anna’s Sermon here!

One of my favorite parts is where she says,

“The more privilege we carry, the more we profit from the oppression. Recognizing this as a truth is a crucial step, and from there, our work is to take responsibility: (even if) it’s not my fault, it is my responsibility.

This recognition is highly de-centering to those of us at the center, and the more social identifiers we carry that are the “default,” the less practiced we are at being de-centered.

The willingness to be de-centered is a sacred journey.”


Now go to the 28 minute mark  of “Resist With Eyes Wide Open” • First Church Berkeley Worship @ Congregation Beth Elthel at http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/101434056 to see Phil Porter’s improvisational genius at work.

Bravo to the Monastery of the Heart, to the diverse wisdom of creation, and to all who share how they see love at play.


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  1. Jennifer Denning says:

    “The willingness to be de-centered is a sacred journey.” – wow, I am feeling that all the way to my toes.

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